Make a wild pond

How to create an instant wild pond in two days
– that’s good to look at too!


step 1

buy a prefabricated pond liner plus native plants for in the pond and around it

step 2

Mark out the shape of the pond and excavate to the right depth levels for each section.
Choose a location that’s not too sunny or completely dark;
direct sunlight for only a part of the day is ideal.


step 3

Place pond in excavation and make sure it’s bedded down solidly and level at top edges.
Sloping ground down to the pond makes it look more natural and catches rain.



step 4

Start to build landscaping around the dry pond.
I’ve added rocks backed by an earth bank behind the pool, using the excavated soil, which will offer hiding places
for frogs, toads, mice and insects, and nesting places for bumblebees.
Don’t add water yet as debris will inevitably fall into the pond during this stage.


step 5

Add further landscaping including a sloping area where animals can get in and out
I’m adding graded pebbles to make an attractive little beach area


step 6

When all major landscaping is in place, fill with water and add pond plants at their appropriate depths.


step 7

Add planting round the pond.
I’ve added grass turfs on top of and behind the rocks.


step 8

Buddha figure is optional; other icons available

step 9

Add grass turfs round remaining edges of the pond

step 10

Construction completed. the grass will soon settle in and fill in gaps between the turfs.
Don’t add fish; they decimate all small life such as tadpoles and invertebrates.
The right creatures will find their own way to the pond in due course. It’s magic.



the pond in use

Birds and other animals immediately start using the pond for drinking and washing.
First of all we see a sparrow who gets very annoyed at being turfed out by a male blackbird who wants a good splash and is followed by his partner: