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an illustrated diary

Rewilding An Urban Garden: An Illustrated Diary of Nature's Year

Connect with the wildness of nature through this beautifully illustrated book. The magical story of a year in a rewilded garden in the city

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Front cover of "Rewilding An Urban Garden"
About Author

Gerry Maguire Thompson

Gerry Maguire Thompson is a writer, humorist and author consultant the author of the book Rewilding An Urban Garden: An Illustrated Diary of Nature’s Year

Interesting book - ideal to read and teach children
Interesting book - ideal to read and teach children
Ideal book for the family Easy to read and family like to delve into to understand the garden
Gerry Thompson
Gerry Thompson
An exciting illustrated diary of a year in a rewilding garden Over the course of a year, we learn about all the wild creatures that are attracted to the garden, and come to understand better the intricate and highly interconnected workings of nature. Great for conservations and those interested in protecting the environment.
jeff davies
jeff davies
Beautiful. A beautiful journey through the year in a wild urban garden. Smart observations on the myriad of active animals and plants and with lovely art work too.
A. F. Cooper
A. F. Cooper
Excellent read A lovely book, informative and engaging. Obviously written from a place of love and a true passion for nature
Alan Sprules
Alan Sprules
Such an enjoyable read We have been reading this book with our 11 year old son who has really got into it each day. We started in November and are reading the section of the book for that time of year. It is a fascinating and amusing insight into the daily life of the wildlife living in an urban garden. A must read for rewilding and nature enthusiasts!
Leonard Lee Buschel
Leonard Lee Buschel
I am no nature boy, but I know who is So dame delightful. Written with humor and an astute sense of natures' most simple and profound relationships, what Mr Thompson sees in his wild garden, day by day, and sharing with us his observations and insights is a wonderful way to start the day. ESPECIALLY here in cement coverered Los Angeles. I keep this book next to my bed like a fresh glass of water.
Ms G.
Ms G.
What a delightful find… I bought this book as a Christmas present for my brother who is a keen bird lover. Having sneaked a peek inside I couldn’t resist (carefully) reading the entire book! It was pure joy to read; charming, well written and funny - definitely a good choice!
Geoff Beardsley
Geoff Beardsley
Cracker of a Christmas gift What a gem. Everyone should consider their own garden when reading this book and consider what can be done to help wildlife. The rewards are great for your own wellness. Win win!
Stephen Richardson
Stephen Richardson
Delightful Only read January so far, but a wonderful insight into a small nature garden. Lovely writing that reflects the authors gentle nature.
A helpful guide and companion If you'd like to rewild your garden then this book will help you. A year of insights and observations from the author's garden. All told in a light and humorous way. Read all the way through or pick up tips from each month as you go, either way, this book will be a helpful companion and guide on your journey.
what other writers are saying about the book:

“Utterly charming, and infectious in its enthusiasm. An inspiration to those seeking to connect more closely with the wildlife on their doorstep” - award-winning nature writer Neil Ansell

More about the book

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The wild urban garden

See what goes on in this wildlife haven in photographs and images
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The author and gardener

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The King has asked me to thank you for the copy of your book so generously sent. His Majesty is deeply committed to protecting the natural world, so your thoughtful message is truly appreciated.

Buckingham Palace

“Lovely book.. I really liked the quirky humour – something which is sometimes lacking in books about nature”

Neil Ansell, author of ‘Deep Country’ and other nature books

“My missus loves your wonderful book, Gerry, couldn’t put it down. Her mum had been really poorly for her last few months with us. So she used to read your book to mum, sitting for hourse just reading to her; that will have such wonderful memories for her.

Phil M

“ A unique and beautifully observed book. Gerry has a wonderful gift in cooperation with the natural world and brings passion and presence to his writing.”

Malcolm Stern, Co-founder of Alternatives, psychotherapist and author

“This wonderful and beautiful book, full of enchanting storytelling and wonderful tips, helps you to rewild your garden and your life.”

Robert Holden, author of Higher Purpose and Happiness NOW!

“I warmly recommend you read this book and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the small, anecdotal stories about everything that comes to live in a small city garden.”

Magnus Sylvén: Co-director, Global Rewilding Alliance

When it comes to immediate help in my projects, I know who I can count on. Being a public person, you sometimes need a fresh eye to create the speaches. Great job! I look forward to meeting you again soon!

Jennifer Lee


If it wasn’t for the help of Tina, I would have lost my business. We have developed a re-branding and leadership strategy that has been working to my advantage so far. Thank you and good luck!

Sandra Gordon

Business Owner

This is one of the most exciting parts where we get to express our appreciation as clients of this amazing coaching agency. Thank you for all your hard work regarding my communication skills!

George Moore

Office Manager
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