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Nature's Year: Rewilding an Urban Garden

The illustrated story of the natural year in a wild garden in the city


Nature’s Year: Rewilding an Urban Garden is the beautifully illustrated first-person story of the author’s 
day-to-day rich wildlife encounters in his own urban garden over the period of a year,
bringing regular daily comfort, fascination, drama and joy, told with a touch of humour.

It will make an excellent gift for family, friends, loved ones, gardening fanatics,
wildlife-spotters, rewilding afficionados – and yourself!

Illustration from book

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Readers will share the author’s inspiration and upliftment from the intimate and magical wildlife encounters through the changing seasons: enjoying cheerfully noisy sparrow society ......spotting the wood-mouse that lives in the bottom of the compost heap ......seeing a sparrow-hawk explode into an unsuspecting cluster of smaller birds ......or savouring the occasion when you discover a hedgehog visiting your garden every night

An illustrated gift book to be savoured

The book is to be enhanced with twelve beautiful woodcut-style full page illustrations each of which depicts wildlife as it appears in that month, with the additional potential for smaller thumbnail illustrations among the daily diary entries.

Learning about nature's amazing workings

The book also promotes a deeper understanding and insight into the miraculous workings of nature, answering questions such as:
How is it that every three to seven years trees over a wide area can agree to have a spectacularly abundant year?
What’s the reason for sparrows living alongside humans for the past 11,000 years? And just why does birdsong sound so beautiful to us when to the birds it’s so often expressing hostility and aggression?

Bringing joy to the urban dweller​

Recent research has shown that having direct daily access to a variety of wildlife in a natural setting on your doorstep – especially in the city – brings enormous measurable benefits in terms of mental and emotional wellbeing.

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