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Gerry Maguire Thompson

Gerry Maguire Thompson


About the author

Gerry is a successful Irish author, rewilder, humorist and wild gardening consultant.

Gerry gives talks to groups and one-to-one advice on urban wild gardening.

Gerry is based near Brighton, UK.

Author Gerry Maguire Thompson and his published books

Gerry with books he has written

Gerry with books he has written

Gerry Maguire Thompson

Gerry's background

Gerry was born in Tipperary, Ireland, and grew up in Belfast. In 1977 he undertook a life-changing journey through Afghanistan, Kashmir and the Himalayas. Returning home, he gave up his career in architecture to become a ‘spiritual seeker’. Wishing to do things properly, Thompson relocated to the USA, and immersed himself in the Californian hotbed of New-Ageism – doing every workshop, following every guru and consulting every psychic in sight before giving all this up and deciding to beccome a professional author, writing beautiful and humorous illustrated non-fiction books. After all, how hard can that be?




Gerry is giving presentations about his book and garden at the following events:

Sat May 13th: Green Extravaganza, Lindfield, West Sussex more info

Sun May 21st:  Sustainability Festival, One Garden Brighton more info

Tue May 23rd: Talk at Greening Steyning  more info

June 1 – June 4: Freezone Festival  more info 


To find out more about Gerry and his other books….


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