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A book to change your year

A book to change your year.

Our urban wild garden

This page is all about the garden which is featured about in the book, "Rewilding An Urban Garden: An Illustrated Diary of Nature's Year

The garden and its inhabitants

Our garden has been going for a number of years. As time passes, more and more species are naturally attracted to it.

A great range of native plants, animals, birds and insects have chosen to make the garden their home. On this page you can meet many of them.


What a wild garden can do

Every day in the garden brings new insights, surprises and drama as we get to know the wild creatures ever more intimately, learn how nature works in all its wondrous intricacy, and discover our deep connectedness with it all. The journey brings a great deal of fulfilment, joy and comfort in these often challenging times. It’s amazing how many different life forms can be attracted into even a small urban outdoor space.

Creating your own wild garden brings great benefits to yourself, to your local wildlife, to your wider urban environment and even to the planet. It’s mostly getting out of nature’s way and letting her do her important work, with just a few interventions - like introducing some native shrubs, making a small pond or providing bird food when the weather is particularly hard.


“There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.”

Aldo Leopold: "A Sand County Almanac" 1 949
scenes from the garden

Garden Videos

50 Shades of Grey Squirrel

Two young grey squirrels engage in exuberant but somewhat rough reproductive playfulness

Nocturnal garden life

There’s always something going on in this garden, even in the middle of the night

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Urban Wild Garden is the website and brand for the book, “Wilding the Urban Garden: An Illustrated Diary of Nature’s Year” by Gerry Maguire Thompson

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